Ethical Cryptocurrency Licensing Online Platform

Visitors and regular membership owners are not and will not be elligible to reach and exercise those subjected forms. However, forms filled by Licence Achivers shall be provided both on homepage and on dedicated pages indicating the information of Licence Achivers on portal, thus shall be accessible by all regular membership owners.

Each and every form may only be reached and filled by registered Licence Applicants. To receive your license, you need to fill the Licence Application Form and agree Licence Contract online on Licence Application Membership section on registration page. WCCS shall examine the applications. After receiving the approval for licence application, applicants shall have right to see and fill the form according to the type of licence they had applied for ( CC & Tokens Licence, Markets Licence, ICO Licence or Service Provicders Licence)

Please do not hesitate to send any inquiries to about Licence application process. Any suggestion or expectation is welcomed to