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Yes. However, decentralized CCs are voluntarily licensed by the WCCS independent legal group, and the monthly form of such licenses is filled by the WCCS independent editorial team. 
No, the Licensees have the right not to disclose confidential information due to confidentiality reasons.
WCCS can suspend or terminate the license in cases specified in the license agreement. In this case, the licensee has the right to appeal to the independent disciplinary committee, and actions shall be taken according to the ruling of the independent disciplinary committee. The method and period of appeal are specified in the license agreements. 
The main page hosts a counter that specifies the disclosure date and time for each licensee. The form uploaded by the licensee will be disclosed when the counter runs out. As a rule, the monthly standard form has to be disclosed every 30 days. However, the disclosure of the monthly form may be postponed, provided that it is announced 48 hours in advance and for at most 48 hours. If the report is not disclosed within this period, WCCS will suspend the granted license
The Licensee also publishes the Emergency development Form within at most 48 hours after learning about modifications in the important basic information that it discloses in the Monthly Form according to the license agreement (on the platform with a date and time counter). (The period is fixed, and the announcement is made after 24 hours from the upload). 
If the Licensee finds it suitable and wishes, it can fill the "commercial development form" prepared by the Licensor, and that is kept ready on the Site online to announce important developments that may affect investors or customers, and to disclose it to the public on the Site. The disclosure period of the "commercial development form" is fixed 24 hours and at the end of 24 hours following the fulfilling the commercial development form (after the time counter announced on the Site is finished) the "commercial development form" shall be disclosed to 3. parties in the Site. 
Licensee is not obliged to disclose the "commercial development form" described above, but it is recommended for the Licensee to use the important development form consistently and decisively to allow important developments to reach everyone equally. Also, the “Commercial development form” can be an opportunity to make an announcement or advertisement for the Licensee. In case the Licensee utilizes the "commercial development form" at least once a month, and at least 12 times per year, the Licensor will return 10% of the license fee paid by the Licensee will be returned by the Licensor to the Licensee within 10 days from the end of that year's license term, or if the Licensee wishes to extend the license term for another year, the Licensee will pay 10% less for the next year's license fee.
Yes, however, the terms of the ICO license agreement have to be accepted. For the license certificate to be sent to the Licensee by the Licensor, it is necessary for the Licensor to review and evaluate the Licensee's application. The Licensor is entitled to ask any additional information or document except this application form and agreement from Licensee. As a result of the examination, the license application will be accepted or not.
WCCSTANDARDS.COM is not an auditor. It is only a platform that grants licenses to Licensees for disclosing the forms and information contained in the license agreement on the WCCSTANDARDS.COM platform by Licensees who sign the License Agreement.  However, WCCSTANDARDS.COM has the right to suspend or terminate the license in cases specified in the license agreement (in case the disclosed information is understood to be untrue). 

WCCSTANDARDS.COM does not comment on or interfere with the information that the Licensee regularly discloses. The disclosed information is intended for cryptocurrency investors. The disclosing licensee is solely responsible for the information that is disclosed. 

However, the results of the rating assessment of the disclosed information by independent WCC editors will be disclosed at most after 96 hours from the time of disclosure by the CC. Rating valuation results are not investment recommendations and are only the personal views of the independent editor based on personal experience.
It will be organized within the last 3 months of each year.
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