Ethical Cryptocurrency Licensing Online Platform

Purpose of WCCS is established in order to;  
1.    Provide equal simultaneous access to basic information - of CryptoCurrencies, Tokens, Icos, Markets and Service Providers -for everyone in the cryptocurrency world. By means of their ownership status, progression through timeline, transparency and technology policies.
2.    To prevent unfair competition in the cryptocurrency world, 
3.    To be an intermediary between Licensees and Investors in case of Customer or Investor complaints.
4.    Determining the commercial ethics of the cryptocurrency eco-system by taking the reviews of the whole cryptocurrency system into consideration. 
5.    Organizing the best of cryptocurrency awards for the cryptocurrency world. To honor the -ownership and timeline- transparent projects with the votes of the Crypto eco-system. 
6.    Fighting against some social media influencers, - and their speculating and manipulating actions - who call the cryptocurrency world a bubble; Taking legal actions through complaints, in line with the unique, independent and free principles of the cryptocurrency world. 
7.    Delivering the Insurance Policy Coins Project. 
Distribution of the protection coins to small investors to mitigate their losses in cases of Ico frauds or market trading frauds. The coin that will be created or selected for this goal (small investor protection coins) will be determined by until October 31, 2020, based on the opinions of investors and licensees through the platform, and the upper limit of small investor protection coins to be distributed to losing small investors will be determined by the work to be carried in this period and will be announced. 
Following the announcement to be made by until October 31, 2020, the small investor protection coins will be valid, and will not cover incidents before the announcement. Small investor protection coins will only cover the investments of small investors associated with Licensees and will not cover losses due to CCs  that are not licensed by The upper limits and percentages of losses to be covered will be publicly announced. 

Please do not hesitate to send any inquiries to about Licence application process.
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