Ethical Cryptocurrency Licensing Online Platform

What are WCCS standards in short?

The World CryptoCurrency Standards online platform is developped to perform as an indicator to distinguish  the dedicated blockchain crypto projects (Cryptocurrencies, Tokens, Markets, Service Providers and Icos), among inconsistents.

WCCS itself is an independent platform. WCCS has no relation or conflict of interest with any crypto project or blockchain business. WCCS has no subject on appreciation of any crypto project. As blockchain and crypto enthusiasts, the main and only purpose of the platform is to stabilize the valuation of crypto world; by validating transparency and reliability of the applying crypto projects. is the only solution to the question of how the Cryptocurrency eco system can defend itself against the attacks claiming that it is an unreliable bubble.

We are currently in a cycle; that many valuable blockchain and crypto projects- started up in order to bring favorable progress on the real-world problems - are facing hardest times to convince the world on their arguements. is here to take a step to bring a solution to this ultimate issue. is based on the fact that the Cryptocurrencies world1  has unique and independent rules2 . Crypto world needs to bring ethical fundamentals into life instead of nowadays’ great expectations of governmental regulations or governmental cryptocurrencies. Transparency and ethical issues need to be solved urgently.  is getting out there to shape the ethical standards of  the Crypto world. 
-    Project ownership,
-    Technology investment timeline
-    Security precautions
-    Business plan
-    Management plan
-    Insurance policy      
of the Cryptocurrencies, Tokens, Icos, Markets and Service Providers are
o    needed to be identified
o    needed to be verified
o    needed to be open to communication
by every and any crypto investor and enthusiast globally. is established as an online platform to achieve those goals. Granting Online Licenses to those who provide basic, fundemental and necessary information matching global business ethics via platform’s standard forms.  They will be posted and continuously updated in the platform and shall be open to all individuals in the Crypto world. platform is offering the licenses described below to the value of the entire CC world. 

Cryptocurrency Token and Coin License for “Cryptocurrency tokens and coins” 
Cryptocurrency Market License for “Cryptocurrency markets”
Cryptocurrency ICO License for “Cryptocurrency ICO’s”
Cryptocurrency SP License for “Cryptocurrency service providers”

For more information on other WCCS's processes and services, please read the What Is page, and to learn about the purpose of WCCS please read the Purpose of WCCS page.

This herewith text is a text that summarizes the WCCS standards. Details are as described in the License Agreements, Use Membership and Confidentiality Agreement, Disciplinary Rules and about WCCS pages. The WCCS and the Site do not accept any liability for the damages of customers who are not responsible for the disclosures and declarations of the WCCS and the Site, but for the damages caused by the licensees. In the case of Licensee who violate WCSS standards, we reserve the right to make a license halt decision as described in the WCCS License Agreement. The right of objection to the Licensee against the license suspension decision is explained in the license agreement and disciplinary rules.

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