Ethical Cryptocurrency Licensing Online Platform

What is WCCS?

The World CryptoCurrency Standards online platform is developped to perform as an indicator to distinguish  the dedicated blockchain crypto projects (Cryptocurrencies, Tokens, Markets, Service Providers and Icos), among inconsistents.

WCCS itself is an independent platform. WCCS has no relation or conflict of interest with any crypto project or blockchain bussiness. WCCS has no subject on appreciation of any crypto project. As blockchain and crypto enthusiasts, the main purpose of the platform is to stabilize the valuation of crypto world; by validating transparency and reliabiity of the applying Crypto projects. is the only solution to the question of how the CC system can defend itself against the attacks claiming that it is an unreliable bubble. We are saying, if the Crypto Eco-system manages itself to be more transparent and project-dedicated, than it will automatically regulate itself against speculation and manipulation. Therefore potentially there would be no need for governmental regulations.

Many Crypto actors in the world of Cryptocurrencies (CC) don't bother themselves to indicate their project headquarters. 

The decentralized, P2P, open-source software terms is the soul of the Crypto Eco-system but those terms are so much twisted and used by the Crypto Project Holders to cover their responsibilities and identities to Crypto Eco-system. 

The responsibility of a Crypto Project is huge but simple in order to maintain a healthy structure for a transparent and reliable Crypto Eco-system. That goes for all Cryptocurrencies, Tokens, Markets, Icos and Service providers. 

As the community grew - as more and more enthusiasts joined - as more people interested in Crypto wallet ownership;  many more unreliable, inconsistent  actors came out to fraud people with cover identities and fancy but not working so-called Crypto Projects. 

A strange wave of greed covered the whole eco-system. The noisy cheers of those who started to double their money in a very short period of time took more and more attention than working on and questioning the life-changing reliable Blockchain and Crypto projects. As the value of cryptocurrencies and tokens multiplied, fraud ıco and market actions multiplied. Thus the Eco-system started to face the trust and bubble issues. 

The questions about the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology soon turned to be accusations of bubble and fraud.

Investors intend to differentiate Blockchain projects from Crypto projects. Fintech investors intend to ignore the Crypto world. Big actors repeat themselves saying they believe in Blockchain future but Crypto world might collapse. separates itself from that arguement, however, as a determination, there can’t be efficient blockchain future without benefiting reliable crypto projects and without tokenization.

We are currently in a cycle; that many valuable blockchain and crypto projects - started up in order to bring favorable progress on the real-world problems - are facing hardest times to convince the world on their arguements. is here to take a step to bring a solution to this ultimate issue. is based on the fact that the Cryptocurrencies world1  has unique and independent rules2 . Crypto world needs to bring etchical fundamentals into life instead of nowadays’ great expectations of governmental regulations or governmental cryptocurrencies. Transparency and ethical issues need to be solved urgently.
It is obvious that the monopolist and centralized laws of the current world’s economic order are not compliant with the rules of the Crypto ecosystem of the changing world dynamics.  is getting out there to shape the ethics of  the Crypto world. WCCS grants online platform licenses to CC markets, CCs, Tokens,  ICOs, and other Service Providers who wish to comply with ethical standards. 

-    Project ownership,
-    Technology investment timeline
-    Security precautions
-    Business plan
-    Management plan
-    Insurance policy  
of the Cryptocurrencies, Tokens, Icos, Markets and Service Providers are
o    needed to be identified
o    needed to be verified
o    needed to be open to communication
by every and any crypto investor and enthusiast globally. is established as an online platform to achieve those goals. Granting Online Licenses to those who provide basic, fundemental and necessary information matching global business ethics via platform’s standard forms.  They will be posted and continuously updated in the platform and shall be open to all individuals in the Crypto world. platform is offering the licenses described below to the value of the entire CC world. 

Cryptocurrency Token and Coin License for “Cryptocurrency tokens and coins” 
Cryptocurrency Market License for “Cryptocurrency markets”
Cryptocurrency ICO License for “Cryptocurrency ICO’s”
Cryptocurrency SP License for “Cryptocurrency service providers”

Briefly, the two main features of the platform are; 

1.    The Licensees will have the right and duty to disclose the monthly basic information form (will be updatable according to the expectations of the Crypto World) in the platform every month according to the License type they applied. The individuals of Crypto ecosystem will be able to access this information equally and simultaneously. If the information disclosed by the licensee in the basic information form contains wrong information, the platform will suspend the its license. (the platform also offers appeal procedures against suspension rulings, and decision processes of independent committees). 

2.    To act as an intermediary for consumer or investor complaints about the Licensees.  This will enable a second control mechanism against claims that the Cyrpto world is an unreliable ecosystem. 

The following briefly answers the questions "What are WCCS's goals" and "what services and functions it carries out in order to achieve these goals?"

1.    What are the Purposes of ? is established in order to;  
1.    Provide equal simultaneous access to basic information - of CryptoCurrencies, Tokens, Icos, Markets and Service Providers -for everyone in the cryptocurrency world. By means of their ownership status, progression through timeline, transparency and technology policies.
2.    To prevent unfair competition in the cryptocurrency world, 
3.    To be an intermediary between Licensees and Investors in case of Customer or Investor complaints.
4.    Determining the commercial ethics of the cryptocurrency eco-system by taking the reviews of the whole cryptocurrency system into consideration. 
5.    Organizing the best of cryptocurrency awards for the cryptocurrency world. To honor the -ownership and timeline- transparent projects with the votes of the Crypto eco-system. 
6.    Fighting against some social media influencers, - and their speculating and manipulating actions - who call the cryptocurrency world a bubble; Taking legal actions through complaints, in line with the unique, independent and free principles of the cryptocurrency world. 
7.    Delivering the Insurance Policy Coins Project. 
Distribution of the protection coins to small investors to mitigate their losses in cases of Ico frauds or market trading frauds. The coin that will be created or selected for this goal (small investor protection coins) will be determined by until October 31st 2020, based on the opinions of investors and licensees through the platform, and the upper limit of small investor protection coins to be distributed to losing small investors will be determined by the work to be carried in this period and will be announced. 
Following the announcement to be made by until October 31st 2020, the small investor protection coins will be valid, and will not cover incidents before the announcement. Small investor protection coins will only cover the investments of small investors associated with Licensees and will not cover losses due to CCs  that are not licensed by The upper limits and percentages of losses to be covered will be publicly announced.

2.    What services will the WCCS provide in order to achieve its 7 main purposes specified above, and what functions will the platform carry out? 

2.1. Issuing WCCS Licenses to Crypto Exchanges (Markets), Cryptocurrencies, ICOs and the Service Providers of the CC world (each one will be referred to as the "licensee"), "decentralized" cryptocurrencies and service providers are voluntarily licensed3  by the’s independent legal group under the "direct administration of rights not privately owned" policy. If there are voluntarily established foundations or associations or voluntary platforms to monitor the rights of decentralized CCs/Tokens or to solve their problems, an offer is extended to these organizations before the decision of the WCCS’s  independent legal group. If this voluntary foundations or platforms don't apply for licenses in a reasonable period of time, the WCCS.COM independent legal group issues voluntary licenses  4to decentralized cryptocurrencies and service providers under the "direct administration of rights not privately owned." In case the subject group does not wish to obtain the license after the license has been granted, the license will be able to be transferred to the subject group with the decision of the independent legal group. 

2.2. platform offering the licenses described below individually to the value of the entire CC world;

Cryptocurrency Token and Coin License for “Cryptocurrency tokens and coins” 
Cryptocurrency Market License for “Cryptocurrency markets”
Cryptocurrency ICO License for “Cryptocurrency ICO’s”
Cryptocurrency SP License for “Cryptocurrency service providers”

2.3. According to the License Agreement that the Licensees will accept online; the form containing the basic (important and indispensable) information prepared by WCSS is disclosed on the " Platform" each month, based on the date and time counter. Every month, the standard important and basic information in the CC world is disclosed to the public, and everyone accesses the license information in an equal, transparent manner. This protects the right of equal and simultaneous access to information. The monthly disclosures of "decentralized" licensees are announced by the’s independent editorial team. If, as described in Article 2.1, there are foundations or associations or voluntary platforms established voluntarily with the purpose of protecting the rights or resolving the problems of decentralized CCs, and if they wish to obtain a license, then the license shall be transferred in the manner described in Clause 2.1, and the basic form in the platform is directly filled by the subject voluntary foundation or organization. 

2.4. Almost none of the Cryptocurrencies, Markets, Service Providers and ICOs in the crypto world (henceforth collectively referred to as CC) are sharing the basic and necessary information ever or on time; because they are not subject to a direct legislation. (WCCS) grants an online license to CCs for disclosing the basic and necessary  information on monthly basis on the platform. According to the License Agreement, the Licensee CCs mandatorily disclose and upload the Monthly Standard Form to the platform -equipped with a date and time counter - on monthly basis. Every individual accesses this information equally on the announced time.  Mandatorily according to the license agreement; incase of any sudden and dramatic change in basic and fundamental information provided on timeline, the CC publishes the Emergency Development Form within at most 48 hours and discloses and uploads to the platform equipped with a date and time counter - Finally, CC will have the right to publish and announce important commercial developments by filling out the Commercial Development Announcement Form.  

2.5. WCCS suspends or terminates the license that it granted in case the terms of the license agreement have not been fulfilled (especially if the basic information and statements contained in the Monthly Standard Forms are understood to be untrue based on strong suspicion).  Untrue statements don't have and must not have any place in the crypto world. CC has the right to appeal the "license suspension or termination ruling" through the method and within the period specified in the WCCS Platform Disciplinary Rules

Since the monthly statements of decentralized licensees are disclosed by the’s independent legal team, if untrue information contained in these explanations is due to the independent legal team, the members of the independent legal team shall be replaced. If the problem is not due to the team but to the decentralized system itself, shall suspend or terminate the license of the decentralized licensee. The WCCS’s  independent legal  team or third persons who have interests affected by the ruling have the right to appeal the license suspension or termination ruling  through the method and within the period specified in the WCCS Platform Disciplinary Rules.

2.6. WCCS independent rating editors shall disclose the rating notes related to the information contained in the "Monthly Standard Form" that will be presented by each CC on a monthly basis, latest the end of a 96-hour period.

2.7. Customers or investors can share their requests or complaints concerning the WCCS.COM licensee CC with the licensee CC through the WCSS platform. This will allow directly monitoring whether the provisions of the WCCS.COM license agreement are violated.  One of WCCS' main objectives is to ensure that licensees rapidly resolve the customers' or investors' rightful complaints. Complaints about decentralized licensees are subject to a preliminary review by the WCCS.COM independent editorial team. In cases where it is not possible to resolve the complaints and requests, the applicant shall be notified about this issue, but if there is a possibility of resolving the complaint and request, proposals shall be made about the actions to be taken by the applicant. And/or if the decentralized licensee is a platform, and platform administrators are available, the complaints and requests shall be forwarded to the platform administrator. 

2.8. WCCS will also monitor the legal actions (including reporting, filing complaints and initiating lawsuits) that are necessitated by the speculative actions of Financial Institutions or Bureaucrats (including persons and institutions) who aim to lower CC prices or destroy the CC world by speculatively denouncing the CC world as "bubble" etc., based on the authority granted by CCs in the license agreement. (Note: This authority will be granted by the CC optionally, any CC that wishes may grant this authority, and the legal actions specified in this section will be carried out on behalf and in the name of the CCs that grant the authorization against the relevant institutions or persons.) 

2.9. Beginning from January 2020, WCCS shall annually select the BEST OF CCs in different sectors of the cryptocurrency world with platform members’ votes and shall announce the results within the last quarter of each year.  WCCS encourages fair competition. 

2.10. WCCS  is a free, independent and transparent platform that aims to protect the diversity and richness of the CC world, to allow the CC world to grow more reliably and efficiently. 
Please do not hesitate to send any inquiries to about Licence application process.
Any suggestion or expectation is welcomed to
2The sum of these rules gives rise to legal trade traditions and common low within the CC system. The Bitcoin whitepaper is the most tangible example:
3Voluntary licensing of non-proprietary rights through "direct administration."
4Voluntary licensing of non-proprietary rights through "direct administration."