Ethical Cryptocurrency Licensing Online Platform

Who can apply for a WCCS license?

Cryptocurrencies & Tokens            CC & Token License request form and License Agreement
ICO’s :     ICO License request form and License Agreement in the ICO Phase
Market's  :     Market License request form and License Agreement
1CC Service Providers :     CC Service Provider (SP) License request form and License Agreement  

To access the license application files, you must first got to the  register page and then register via the License Application Membership tab.   Please select License type first.  WCCS shall examine the applications. In case the License application is accepted, the licensees shall have the right to access and fill 3 forms based on the type of license they receive  in the forms according to their chosen license type. After the license application is made, the applicant is not authorized to access and/or refill the forms at the stage of examination.  

Please do not hesitate to send any inquiries to about Licence application process.
Any suggestion or expectation is welcomed to

1e.g.; ICO listening service providers, CC wallet providers, CC profit companies, CC payment servise providers, CC venture capitals, mining pools, cloud mining, peer-to-peer lendings, CC funds, over-the-counter tradings, CC gambling companies, CC micropaymets, CC affiliates and prediction markets, Cryptocurrencies consultants,  educational institutions, additional service providers, software suppliers and other service providers