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There are many answers to this question. The following basic principles, called WCCS principles, are the most fundamental rights of each CC investor, customer and service provider. 
1.1.    The right to be accurate, regularly, continuously and equally informed in the CC world is the "CC right to access information." The first objective of WCCS is to ensure "CC right to access to information." 
1.2.    "The free environment of the CC Crypto world" requires not a traditional legislation, but a standard disclosure system based on "disclosure-based standard, accurate information" and to eliminate the CCs that make untrue disclosures.  
1.3.    In case a CC that is licensed by the WCCS platform makes an untrue disclosure in the Basic Information, or there is strong suspicion that it violates the "CC right to access information," the CC's license to disclose on the WCCS platform shall be suspended by WCCS, and as specified in the disciplinary rules, in case it is ruled by the disciplinary committee, the license shall be terminated.  
1.4.    Accessing each licensee CC's disclosures simultaneously and comparing and evaluating these disclosures are the most fundamental CC evaluation rights. The accuracy of the disclosed information has to be available for open and equal examination by everyone, including investors and specialists.
1.5.    It is obvious that some CCs don't disclose some important, fundamental risks and negative conditions in the current unregulated environment. This poses serious risks for customers and investors. Reducing risks in the CC world and trying to prevent an unfair competitive environment among CCs that keep accurate information and CCs that don't, are the common goals of all players in the CC world.  
1.6.    The investors have to be much more suspicious of Markets, tokens, ICOs, and CC service providers who do not even disclose the most basic and necessary information and to investigate Markets, CCs, ICOs and CC service providers that are not WCCS-licensed very carefully.  This careful investigation requires an almost impossible task in an environment filled with rumors, tips, and information pollution. It is obvious that comparing the information that is disclosed to everyone at the same time under an equal form will be much faster and easier. 
1.7.    The future of the CC world is bright, allowing investors access to standard basic information and in case investors demand a system to quickly eliminate actors who provide wrongful information even in basic information, the growth rate of the CC world will increase 10,000-fold in the next 2 years, and investors and CCs will grow much faster. Damage done by the failure to disclose standard basic information and CCs who disclose untrue information cause investors harm. The CC world is under the threat of government bans due to the criticisms of banks and the material incidents that occurred. "The crypto world has to determine the rules of its own special and independent system, along with its investors." The forms at WCCS is flexible and allows continuously updating. 
1.8.    In the CC world, it is extremely important to be able to access standard basic information from one source, equally and simultaneously with everyone, through a date and time counter. There is no place for unfair competition in the Crypto world as much as the disclosure of information, the date, hour and even minute of the disclosure are very important. 
1.9.    Investors will have the right to communicate their complaints and views about tokens, ICOs, Markets and CC service providers that are licensed by WCCSTANDARDS.COM, through the WCCSTANDARDS.COM complaints section. WCCSTANDARDS.COM is an intermediary for complaints. It does not arbitrate the resolution of the complaint. However, if the complaint is serious enough to require the suspension or termination of the license, and includes strongly suspicious evidence, WCCSTANDARDS.COM has the right to suspend or terminate the license it has previously granted. 
1.10.    Investors will be able to evaluate and rate the information, objectives, plans, successes, and failures disclosed by the CC; to contribute, and to communicate their opinions on positive or negative issues.  Investors will also be able to state their opinions about the disclosed information under the information. 
1.11.    In addition to the standard basic information in the Monthly Standard Form, CCs will be able to instantly see answers to questions that concern the standard CC world, and the results of inter-CC guessing contests.  Fun guessing contests and CC awards will allow billions of people who are not aware of the CC world access to the CC world.

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There are many answers to this question. The answers can be summarized as follows: 
2.1.    The Monthly Standard Form will not chain the cryptosystem and will ensure x1000 growth rate for the free cryptosystem.  The information contained includes information that has to be disclosed to investors. Forms are continuously updateable. 
2.2.    A CC that has direct or indirect competition through the CC ecosystem will have the opportunity to prove and declare why it is or will be better with evidence. 
2.3.    CCs that regularly and accurately inform its investors and the public will control themselves and their objectives, while CCs who don't provide information, hide the truth and make untrue disclosures will be eliminated in time.    
2.4.    The unfair and unregulated competition environment in the CC world will be replaced by a more liberal and fair competition environment.  
2.5.    Unfair players have to be eliminated to preserve the diversity of the CC world. 
2.6.    Investors will be able to access all information about the status of the CCs, their plans, objectives, successes, failures, the resolution of their failures or lack thereof, and CC investments will increase thousands of times. 
2.7.    CCs that respond to rightful complaints and produce solutions and CCs that don't even respond will be recognized and evaluated by the public. 
2.8.    Any CC will be able to authorize WCSS legally to fight against the unfair competition of Financial Institutions and Bureaucrats who unfairly criticize the CC ecosystem.

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